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Creative Talent – Top Of Mind Recall

Exclusive People

Lead Generation

Video & Audio Studio

Using unconventional but highly successful methods, we ensure your brand, your product, your event remains top of mind. 

We custom craft from a creative cauldron that is always bubbling. Bespoke, efficient, flexible to exploit new technology and access the best talent.

With decades of experience we:

Enlighten and entertain.

Generate leads to drive sales.

Invent new means to invigorate.

Make clients fortunes.

Save clients fortunes.

Make clients happy.

Make clients’ competitors unhappy.


First we LISTEN.

Each situation is unique, but most people want the same thing.

“Help me achieve my goals.” “Take away the pain.” “I’m doing stuff I shouldn’t be doing that’s stopping me doing what I’m good at.” You get the picture.

Because we say a doctor who prescribes without first making a diagnosis, is a quack…

THEN we offer solutions that are specific and focused on YOUR needs.

Technology advances, tastes change and markets swing; but the one thing that never changes is human nature. It’s remained constant since way before we began and hasn’t changed over the decades we’ve relied on it. Knowing how to use it is our specialty.

Knowing where to hit beats buying a bigger hammer.

Our attitude to clients is consistent regardless of your size or budget.

We treat a simple pitch for a podcast with the same diligence as a live event or TVC for NEC, BHP or Pepsi.

On Screen, Online & Live events.

We’ve made millions for clients over the last 30+ years at live events creating Top of Mind Recall for brands such as Toshiba, PSDI, Roche and Pfizer (12 years) that increased sales dramatically and continue to be remembered and pay dividends years later.

For clients such as Toyota (12 years) and ASIA (insurance 14 years) we’ve done this in the public forum via television.

We have our creative and talent pool to work with you, but first, you need to tell us three things.

  1. What you want to accomplish with your project?
  2. Do you have a time line? (Timing, not ‘time’ is often the game changer.)
  3. Do you have a budget?

Whether it’s prime time national TV coverage, front page press or a prize location at an international expo on a shoestring, it’s all possible. We know because we’ve done it.

We have our creative and talent pool to work with you, but first, you need to tell us three things:

  1. What you want to accomplish with your project?
  2. Do you have a time line? (Timing, not ‘time’ is often the game changer.)
  3. Do you have a budget?

Qantas Club Magazine


‘…got the message across better than anyone else.’



‘… responses from many of our guests about their enjoyment of our “Exceptional man of the evening.” ‘

Retravision (Austalia) P/L


‘… had quite an impact on our members and suppliers… very important lessons that would help them in their business operations… thank you again…’



‘Chris has sold our product, usually as 100% TV presenter, very successfully. We have been very pleased with the energy and extra profile Chris injected into our TV advertising and ..his work for us with radio campaigns… and live appearances… further enhanced continuity.’  



‘A large number made a point of thanking Pfizer…  the standing ovation given is proof of how well you were received… we have had positive feedback on the good relationship that your input has generated between our company and this important group of medical specialists.’

Exclusive People

Live Guests

Wow Factor accesses international icons of industry, entertainment, politics and literature, along with very private and influential individuals, to appear at clients’ events within Australia and across south-east Asia. We liaise with them directly or through their management to negotiate terms and secure their services.

On Screen Only

Our stable of stars for on screen applications continues to grow. Think product promotion, event invitation, interactive interview and personal messaging for any occasion.

For example, James Bond On Screen 4 Events.



We develop solutions for projects requiring on screen delivery whether TV, Cinema or Online.

Explainer videos, ELearning, Educational Audio Books, Online Commercials, Cinema Advertising and new technology *On Screen Only legendary presenters.


Voices, accents, spoken, sung, famous, infamous or new voices for narration, voice-over, jingles, animation.

Together with live presentation, we incorporate all three to work toward one goal; your success.

Lead Generation


We’ve driven sales for products or services for decades via TV commercials and infomercials for clients including Toyota (12 years) and ASIA (insurance 14 years).


Teasers, launch, brand introduction, informative videos and online campaigns. Aspects of SEO can be provided for clients without an SEO department.

On Stage

Our keynote speakers generate leads hot to buy for corporations including Toshiba, IBM, Challenge, Roche and Pfizer (12 years). Let us do what we did for the biggest company (share value) in the world at the time; the greatest exponential growth in any sales territory in their 100 year history.

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T:   0416 173 711

International +61 (4) 1617 3711


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